Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pissy Mare...

I didn't do too much out at the farm today. I did go out and trim feet, though, and also had a great time observing herd behavior.

We moved the herd into the West Paddock today. We've been having windmill troubles, and therefore don't have much water to spare. We put them in that paddock so that they'd have more space to eat, but also fresh snow to eat on top of (Thus making them less thirsty). Anyway, watching the herd dynamics in the new space was fascinating, especially when it came to feeding time. Everyone was pushing eachother around (not the usual herd order) and there was mass chaos for a few minutes.

The one thing that really shocked me, however, was watching Prin. She's usually middle of the order, Dominant over the smaller ones and Crest, (they interchange, actually), and also over Clue. Today, she was just on the war path. ANYONE who got in her way, she charged and bit. She actually chased Clue around with her teeth clamped on his withers. She chased Cricket the entire perimeter of the fence, and kicked Crest once. It was rather amusing. Guess she was cranky eh?

Well I'm off to shower and go to bed uber early. I'm SO done with this mental exhaustion. Course countdown 3 days. EEK.

Savvy on!


Virginia said...

I hope you get the windmill and water situation figured out.

Katie Hufton said...

Wooow.. Three days!!! -Squeak.-
This is going to be insaaane. YOU'RE GONNA BE AN EAST-COASTER! WEWT. You better keep in touch, female. (Well, Katie start answering your PHONE and we wouldn't have an issue!) Oooh, burn. I even burned myself for you. LOL.. I apologize, btw. Been a hectic week. Ttys! <3<3

Fran said...

Yes, Katie. I will keep in touch, but only if you answer the other end of the line. Makes me think of riding to Madison--how we both needed to stop, but Farrah's phone was off-lol. Oh the phone tag we played there! Hehe, good times.