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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Started as "Touch It"...

...and then got bigger...much much bigger. Muahahaha.

I had another really awesome playday with Prin today. She's been in a very naughty, playful mood recently (ah spring, I love you!) and so we've had a ton of fun PLAYING!

Today started out in what could have been a bad way. Prin pulled the "you can't catch me!" card, and took off (at the speed of a slug on steroids...ooh the trot!). I ran with her instead of after her, and she thought that was pretty funny, so she joined up and we haltered. Almost immediately, Prin revealed that she wanted to play touch it (she pulls off circle toward obstacles), and so I obliged. It looked fun enough. So, I sent her to a barrel from about 40 feet away. Prin trotted over to it enthusiastically, and put her nose on it. She nuzzled the barrel, then got a sassy look about her, and pushed it over. She turned and checked in. I had no idea what she had in store, so I just shrugged and allowed her to proceed.

Prin proceeded to shove the now-sideways barrel with her nose. It rolled. She seemed very satisfied with the result, and did it again...and again...and again...This lasted for 5 minutes, until I had an idea. I decided that we should put it to a purpose. So, I sent Prin to get her barrel, and guided her through the motions, until she brought the barrel to me. When it got to me, I relaxed, gave her a good rub, and a cookie.

*Prin pauses* "Wait...You mean...I get a cookie if I bring you barrels? I'll be right back!" Prin leaves, and takes me to the other barrel. Which she proceeds to knock over, and start to push, this time, bringing it right up to the other one, and setting it almost perfectly next to it. She turns, questions, with the unmistakable look of "See? I did it!" I gave her another cookie, and cracked up laughing. Prin loves it when I laugh, and so she went and started pushing the barrels again. Oh my horse, the comedian. The continued for another 10 minutes. Moral of the story? I think I need to bring my big green ball back into action, my horse is getting cow-y again!

After all that commotion (I've not seen my horse that genuinely amused in a while), we played with zone 5 driving again, which was splendid again. Love my horse! Love spring!

More tomorrow :)


PS--One week to lesson day with Farrah. One spot open still, anyone interested? Auditors welcome, too! SOOO Excited!


sherri said...

How fun! I can just see her--if horses could laugh!

Emma Lee said...

GO PRINNY!! Good for her.

savvyknight said...

oh hoe Fun! That is awesome! how cool. she is so smart isn't she? don't ya just love those LBIs ;)