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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When it Rains, it POURS!

It's amazing how when life picks up, and a horse person needs all the nice weather in the world, it just POURS rain. We're on day 6 in a row without a day's break (We had about 3 hours of sun yesterday, which was then ousted by MORE rain), the ground is totally saturated, and it's affecting everyone's moods. I personally have been a big ball of emotions recently, and for no particular reason, either. Just the weather, I think, coupled with some big decisions that need making soon. Anyway...

I mentioned on a facebook a couple days ago (and then failed to follow through) that I would blog about an awesome opportunity that has presented itself to me. Well here's the update: My vet, who treats 300 some odd horses around the area, (including several professional training facilities, as well!) has asked me to start a colt for him this month! Not only is this a huge compliment to my horse handling and to Parelli Natural Horsemanship, (He's not the most tolerant of horses that don't stand for treatment), but can you IMAGINE the word of mouth this can and will do for my business, should this go well? Now, the catch is that Tom wants to sell the horse at a sale at the end of the month, so I'm kind of on a time line, here. I'm seeing it as a challenge to stick to my principles on a timeline. I think it'll be a wonderful experience.

So, we picked the horse up on Sunday. Gunner is his name, and he's a 3 yr old Quarter Horse colt. He's chestnut with a front sock and stripe on his nose (I'd have a picture for you, but it's been raining since he got here!). He appears, so far to be very Left-Brained. I initially had thought he was LBI, but he's shown me a fair share of LBE traits as well. I guess time will tell, I plan on playing with him for real for the first time tomorrow, because I guess it's supposed to be pretty nice outside, finally. I'll definitely keep you posted :)

Anyway, that's all for now! Savvy on!

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sherri said...

You two look great! Did you ever think the day would arrive that you could BB & B with him?! He's really cool.