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Friday, November 13, 2009

Re-inflating the Bubble

This is an excerpt from a journal entry I wrote earlier today. For the record, I'm now sitting in the computer lab at the Parelli Center, surrounded by cinder-block walls ;)

It's a little past 7:00am. I"m sitting here in a green plastic chair, watching the sun rise over the hill playground at the Parelli Center in Ocala, FL. Kristi's horse, Maxi, grazes on some hay in a pen about 20 yds in front of me, and around me, the last of the externs finish up their morning routines and head up the hill to Pat's barn.

A typical day at the Parelli center, for sure. Yet as I sit here, I feel something else. I was here in January/February, and it was a life-changing experience. I returned home to Wisconsin with a new attitude, a sense of renewal and happiness, and a place to go with my journey.

Fall was a very hectic time for me this year, and yet, through it all, I felt like I did alright. My dream was (and is) still alive, though perhaps a bit duller...or...distracted (Yes, I like that, better word choice!). I hadn't lost sight of it, I just couldn't remember quite how to get there.

Sitting here now, I feel a great sense of renewal. There is nothing quite like the feel of being here, in this beautiful place. Pat and LInda have worked hard to create an environment of positive, progressive, and natural, and that truly IS here. For me, it's a refresher of my goals and dreams as a Parelli student, and a swift kick in the butt to remind me to STOP MAKING EXCUSES and just do it! I strive to be this happy all the time, and this is the starting point. So think of this as a home-coming for me. It feels good to be back, to the place (and mental attitude!) where I belong. I'm ever so happy to be here :)


Virginia said...

If I was down there I think I would just be pissed I didnt have my horse with me! hehe. I hope your having a good time.

maya said...

Good for you Fran! I just had my bubble inflated a little bit just by knowing that you are down there! (I was down there with Kari in Feb for 2 weeks). It truly is a magical place that has a remarkable ability to set you straight in the world again....

sherri said...

Happiness is finding JOY in someone else's happiness. You are just at the start of your journey and you have lots of people who share that journey with you!