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Monday, October 27, 2008

New Poll

Hey all,

Just pointing out a new poll on my blog. I'm trying to decide which horse I'm going to take with me to the ISC in January. I was thinking about this pretty intensively today as I was at the farm today, and I seriously could NOT make a decision.

I have Prin, who is OBVIOUSLY my super horse, diving into L4 stuff, and is really ready for the Masterclass, and has been for quite some time. I always learn so much with her, and I want to deepen my relationship with her to a whole new level, but at the same time, she's not my complicated horse.

...or, I could bring Crest. Crest has had a HUGE year this year, and is now what I'd call solid L2, beginning L3. He fits the prerequisites of the Masterclass by a long shot, and would definitely make my course much more "eventful", but he has never traveled long distances before. I don't really know how he'd be in a new environment. Now granted, we'll be there a month, I doubt he'll be a basket case, but I'm weighing my options.

If everyone would be so kind as to cast a vote, and either leave me a comment ON THIS POST or email me ( and give me your reasons why I should bring the horse you chose, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, the option of bringing both is out of the question. Farrah has a 4-horse trailer, and she's bringing all 3 of her horses.

Thanks guys!


Sarah said...

Honestly, I'd just bring Prin. You've already decided to bring her, she's much more qualified, and I think you'll learn more with her -- you won't be focusing on other things, like you would with Crest. Though, I can see why bringing Crest would be a good idea...a good headstart into Level 3 and the issues you've been having with him could definitely be solved, or at the very least, helped with.

Either way sounds like a great opportunity, but I'd think you'd get more out of the course with Prin...though I'm sure you'd get a lot with Crest.

IMO, if you want something to bring Crest along, take him to the next clinic with Farrah you go to.

Always In Training said...

I think you should bring Crest. It would be a great opportunity that doesn't come along everyday. Besides if you aren't having major problems with Prin then it would only encourage what you are doing with her. If you bring Crest, however, you would get help with things that you might not have considered problems and that could clear a WHOLE new path for you two. Plus I'm betting there would be a lot more BFOs.

Renee said...

lol, this is why I only have one horse. Makes things MUCH less complicated.

I think it's be more beneficial to bring the Cresters. I think it'd really improve Crest and your instructing abilities. You never know what Crest is going pull out of his proverbial hat. ;)

That being said, I'd also love to see what you could accomplish with Prin if you took her.

Katie Hufton said...

-Cough.-CREST!-Cough.- ;)

Virginia said...

crest, because what you learn with him you will be able to apply with princess. I think he is more complicated and will give you a whole bunch of new angles. Plus he is the horse that has given you the most trouble

Lucy said...

I would say Crest. If you want to go to the ISC to have fun and delve further into L4, Prinny would be the best. BUT you would learn so much more if you took Crest. Its a safe, learning environment for him and a fantastic place for you both to grow as partners.

Emma Lee said...

Cresty!! : ) I'm so jealous that you get to go! and I STILL demand that I meet Farrah soon!

love you!

horselover1397 said...

Personally, I would pick Prin, but that's just my opinion. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

I think you should pick whichever horse would give you the most for your money, and that you'd have the most fun with! It sounds like you have a lot of savvy already and can handle challenges, so in that case maybe Crest would be better for you to bring. But if you think it might be better to take small steps first, then I'd say Prin was your girl.

I'd say judge it on what you're looking to get out of the class. Are you looking to really dive into L4 stuff, or to fix some issues you're having with Crest?

parelliluva said...

Well, after thinking this over for awhile here's my thoughts:

If you bring Prin you will certainly be working on more advanced stuff. You'll have the oppurtunity to learn things you won't get a chance to do anywhere else. And the things you will be learning are things that you should apply NOW. Not something you can remember to take home with you. You won't have to worry about her freaking out about anything and sometimes you can take a little time off just to do fun stuff and relax. If you start pushing her, as I think you've realized you're tempted to do somethings(those darn LBIs...)you'll have the people there to recognize it the instant you're doing it, even if Prin is showing only the slightest signs that later build bigger.

If you bring Crest, yes you can work on those issues with him, which are rather complex. But you yourself have admitted that you guys have been making leaps and bounds this year. I think you're really starting to figure him out. I think the BIGGEST thing is more time. Obviuosly some new techniques both in reading and applying will be very beneficial. But many of the things you may see in Crest can show up in other horses(though it would probably be numerous other horses!) But I think these things are more mental than the exact physical things you'd be practicing and trying with Prin. If you bring Crest, although he's been doing much better you still might have to worry about shutting all advancement down for awhile to get him back on a thinking tract.

THen of course you know Prin to be a good traveller. I'm not doubting Crest, but it is of course better not to test things like that on a really long trip that you spend so much on.

So, although it was very close, I'd say Prin. However, I definitely like the idea of bringing Crest to a clinic sometime in the future.