Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now You See Me...

*Poof* and now you don't. This has GOT to be how my family feels right now. Here it is, October 16th, and my family has seen me a grand total of 4 days this month! I'm gone for a week in a row, come home for several days, leave for another week, come home for a couple days, and tomorrow will be no different. I'm a-leavin' on a jet plane...destined for Jacksonville, FL, and then back up to NC.

Things I've learned in this crazy month:

*I love to travel, but I'd better be with my horses!

*The feeling of complete and total panic when your car dies and refuses to restart in a parking lot in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere is NOT one I care to relive.

*Fall is the WRONG TIME to have a working student from the south come to study with you. Who KNEW someone could be UNCOMFORTABLE the 55* temps and crisp, cool air that is WI in October. Ah well...middle of July it is.

*My horse was a biomechanical problem child...but thanks to some really insistant yo-yo game, a Figure-8 pattern, and the quote "Fran, you look like you're trying to push the Titanic around!", we've changed that, and someone has a whole new topline!

*I have my life together way more than I give myself credit for...

*I am far more LB about handling what I previously would have considered a "crisis"

Anyway, here's to gorgeous weather and lovely horses. Little Lady Bug comes home in an hour (YAY!) and I'm super pumped to get to play with her! Pics will come for sure! Savvy on, and oodles of poodles to the lot of you!



Virginia said...

ha I am glad you are having a good fall season! Have a great time in Jacksonville. I can't imagine traveling so much, I just went through that myself and I am so glad to just stay here at home (ok my school home!)

coc_parelli said...

Can't wait to see more pics. of Little Lady Bug!! :)

Have fun in Jacksonville!