Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My *Potential* Audition

Hi all,

Here is the potential last leg to my L3 journey, my liberty audition. I think it turned out fairly well, but I did have one concern that I wanted some feedback on before I sent it in. We live a hop, skip, and a jump up from a river, and so during the summer months, we've got a horrific deer fly problem. We practically bathe our horses in flyspray and it hardly dents the issue. Anyway, in this video, my horse does a lot of tail-swishing and head-nodding. While it's evident through the video that it isn't directed at me, what I'd like feedback on is whether or not you think it detracts from the quality. Also, if there are any glaring horsemanship things that need fixing (like Pre-L3 things), feel free to point them out as well.

I'm not really looking forward to the prospect of filming it again, but if it needs to be done, it's done. I don't feel 100% confident about the quality in this audition, so please give me some feedback.




Lady Chum said...

I think you guys looked fantastic! It was so funny when you asked her to jump the barrels and she pushed it. The quality seems fine to me. The only things I noticed that might be better a second time through are that at about 1:30 when you were slepping the ground she did toss her head a little and it didn't look like flies, at about 4:40 you had to send her into the canter a few times before she went, and that when she's circling the camera person focused on Prin and you can't see what you're doing but they were all very minor things.

Jeanne said...

Fran, you have SO got this. I applauded out loud at the end.

IMHO, anyone who has studied this program for any length of time and knows horses will be able to see that while her tail might be going, it's not wringing; her expression is happy, relaxed, and completely focused on you; her body is relaxed (no tense muscles); and she's listening and giving you all the try she has in her. To me, it looks like flies are everywhere, and she should be commended for ignoring them as well as she did! :-)

Also, I thought you handled her misunderstanding at the barrel quite well. It only took one attempt to get your point across to her, and the next time she did it perfectly.

Send it in. If it were up to me, you'd have your Green String today.

Virginia said...

way to go, this looks fantastic!!! I agree- you definitely have this one. The swishing isnt bad at all, you can tell its from the bugs and does not detract one bit.
I really liked the part where she was on the pedestal and then got off and yielded her front end to you while her hind legs were still. Yes its only a tiny part but I thought it was great!! hehe
Good luck

Lea and Eddie said...

You guys looked great! You will definitly pass!
Send it in!!!

Lisa R said...

Fran you should send this in! They aren't looking for perfect, they are looking for the quality of the relationship. And your savvy by what you do in all situations. You obviously have a wonderful relationship. It was obvious to me that the tail swishing was flies and not attitude. After all, I should know. I have a tail swishing, ears back Appaloosa with attitude!
Great job. I really enjoyed watching!

Fran said...

Well...I did it, and I passed. I have a green string to prove it :D

savvyknight said...