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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Mom, I Think We're Ready..."

That's what Prin told me today. I think we are ready to film our L4 freestyle. I've spent several weeks isolating and separating the components, just playing with being very particular, especially in her HQ/FQ yields. I've been playing with only a neck rope, and hardly touching it except to back up my body language, and it's just beautiful how subtle and in tune our communication has gotten. I figure that if I can essentially "ride naked" with low phases, that when I film the audition, and add a neck rope and carrot stick into the mix, she'll have it an then some. And oh boy, will she ever.

Today was the proof. she was going sideways with just a focus, trot leg yields, doing slow spins with me just lifting some mane hair and shifting my weight/focus, and doing biiiigggg stretchy trot figure 8's with me hardly asking anything. We also played with a squeeze game pattern Pat had shown at the Kansas City celebration--Canter to halt, rollback, canter to halt, etc. Though she was a bit confused at first (totally new pattern for us!) after several slow repetitions, she just got it, no questions. Pretty quality rollbacks off my body, beautiful canter departs. Just awesome stuff. I'm dreaming up ideas to show in our audition, I want it to be just mind-blowing. promises of when I'll have it (I'd like to film soon, but I'm going to prior and properly prepare big time) but know it's in the works. My horse gave me the go-ahead. Her attitude has never been so positive and progressive. So. That's what's going on for now.

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on both Crest and Sunny, too. They're pretty spectacular, too :)

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