Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Little Doppleganger

I wanted to share some more recent pictures of Sunny (taken last weekend)with ya. She's progressing faster than I could have every imagined or anticipated. She's BRILLIANT! She is totally me in horse form...little blonde firecracker! Loving every second of it! Tell me what you think of the pics!

We match ;)

Learning to maintain rhythm, relaxation, and contact at the walk on the 22' line

Trotting Weave
Learning the weave pattern--my focus is terrible-lol

Figure 8 Draw :)

Figure 8
Figure 8 Drive :)

First intentional canter on the 22' line. Looks pretty pleased with herself ;)

Little bit of liberty...

A good scratch...

Disengaging the HQ

Marveling over her awesomeness, I'm sure.

Playing "Follow Micky" is a fun game!

Anyway, that's all for now. She's really really awesome. She's got a solid L2 going online, and is very soon to follow on the Freestyle front--she's riding walk/trot/halt/back/sideways now, and also ponies from Prin's back beautifully. She's an awesome little learner! I'll try to take some video within the next couple of days.



Virginia said...

aww I love her. She does suit you perfectly. She seems quite sensible but fun at the same time!! Now want to see her jump! tehehe

Anonymous said...

Sunny is so friggin' adorable! She has a cute little face. And I'd love to see her jump when she's ready, too :D

Tina said...

Very cute. Love the green string, too!

Lucy said...

She's looking great! I love palominos and I noticed you with your green Savvy string, way to go. :D

Jo said...

Fran, Sunny is just fab way to go. I can see your going to go far together. As if you would do anything else lol!