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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ohio Recap Pt 1: Processing, etc

I know my followers are going to kill me for this post. It's going to be a far cry from the "I can't wait for what Fran blogs about after that lesson!" post that a lot of people mentioned to me at the Ohio Celebration!

This week has been a far cry from break-through week. I've learned since being at the Parelli Center, that more often than not, "seeds" of knowledge are planted in your head, and you've just got to trust that they'll come about and grow when the time is right. I knew this lesson wouldn't be an exception to that, so instead of going out and immediately trying everything that Linda had us playing with, I've opted to take a slower approach, and allow the information to sink in as I go S-L-O-W-L-Y with Cresty.

The main things we HAVE played with have been finding responsibility and asking questions with the Patterns. That's something that I was confident enough in to begin with that I feel like I can support him through it. For those that weren't in OH, basically Linda commented that Crest wasn't asking many questions online, and that I was greatly over-using my stick to micromanage him though the motions, but he wasn't really thinking about the pattern. Using the figure 8 pattern, Linda had me interrupting Crest's pattern of continuing to circle, and then send him through the cones, and tag the center of the pattern...that way if he didn't put effort into it, he'd get tagged.

That's going well, today will be magic session #4, and I'm sure, just like with everything else, that we will begin seeing some understanding. Our previous 3 sessions have provided some small changes (the first session being the one some of you saw in OH), I'm having to interrupt him coming around the cones a lot lighter and less often, and he knows what he's supposed to do when I do, so I HARDLY have to bring my energy up and he goes through the cones. I call it success :)                                    

Other than that, I've not been on Crest's back since the lesson. Mentally, for me to go that introverted MYSELF, for HIM, was very trying, and I'm just allowing the experience to process and sort itself out before I dare go and play with what we learned there. Hopefully as things sort out a bit, and I understand more for myself what I'll need to do to help his many layers become confident, I'll have a more thoughts on the experience for you. For now, all I can say is that slow and right definitely beats fast and wrong, and I'm looking forward to what the future holds, but I need to think before I act.

So for now, keep it natural.  Stay tuned for a Part 2, and who knows how many more!  Stay savvy!



Naturally Gaited said...

Thanks, Fran. Just know that whatever you glean from this experience over time (and blog about!) will help lots of us to work through our own stuff. It's exponential!

Kerrin Koetsier said...

Way to go, Fran!!

Kerrin Koetsier
Parelli Central

Janine said...

Hey Fran!!! I got to see you in OH and had a great time. Since, I also own a LBE. I was the person in the corner of arena who asked how old you were? When you rode past me. I thought you handled your horse super for your age!!! Great job! Here is my blog Not as great as yours, but you will see some pics of you as well! Thanks for the inspiration!! Janine

Lisa said...

I think that's the BEST response to your lesson with Linda. Though I'm more introverted by nature, I've found the best thing, after a major learning experience, is just to let it marinate. Going gung-ho just gets everything messed up in a totally different way.

I thoroughly enjoyed your lesson. I learned something for my crabby LBI mare as well as my new RBI mare. Thank you for putting yourself and your horsemanship in the spotlight.

~ Lisa

Spend the Thyme Farm said...

I have a lot of admiration for you Frannie-girl!!! A lot! You have exhibited true maturity and professionalism that many young people lack. I have been thinking this and would like to share it. Don't ever, for one minute, think that you can't go out on your own and make it. If you ever have seeds of doubt about a future with Parelli, you are an extraordinary young woman and would do amazing on your own! Truly, you would!
Always wishing you the very best!
Marianne Henze
(Lea's mom!) :o)