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Friday, July 23, 2010

We're Featured on Linda's Blog!

Linda wrote a blog featuring the lesson she gave Crest and me!  Too cool, and a VERY informative read :)  Check it out!


Would love to hear what people thought! :)



Jeanne said...

Wow. I'm so glad she posted that. It answered a lot of the questions I've had since watching the demo. (Will I ever be that savvy? SIGH)

Is it weird for you to read it? I think it's so cool to be able to read your take on it and hers. What a learning tool.

Reading her side of it also shows what she was thinking and seeing, and clarifies to me that those who are criticizing the demo and Linda's actions are, as I expected, just not savvy enough yet to have seen all the details. They didn't escape Linda, for sure! :-)

~kim said...

You are so amazing to share your journey with all of us. First your article in the May 2010 Savvy Times and now a private lesson with Linda in front of a LARGE crowd. You ROCK girlfriend!

awesome, ~kim

Naturally Gaited said...

Thank you, Fran! Without you, I wouldn't be getting answers to some huge questions that I have about leadership (subtle, but important ones)..

I can only imagine how huge this is for you.

Please keep blogging (at least a little) for us folks that avoid the temptation of FaceBook. :-)

Virginia said...

This is so neat!!