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Friday, June 27, 2008

Fear, Frustration, Fluidity issues, and oh, some FUN!

Interesting day today. First let me start out by asking everyone to tell me to GET SOME SLEEP when I complain about being cranky. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've gotten more than 9 hours of sleep, and it's reflecting in my patience and tolerance for silly things.

First of all, my frustration. My theraflex pad has decided that it needs to slip forward when it's being used under my fluidity saddle. Fortunately, as wonderful as the the saddle is, it doesn't follow the pad, but it results in a mess on the back of the saddle when it actually slides OFF. GRR! Here are some of the options I've gone over in my head:

*At first I thought that I might have been driving with my seat without knowing it (I noticed this after playing with the collected canter).

But I ruled that out, because I sat on my thumb, and it came out in one piece and pain free. Also, when I took the saddle off, there was very little ruffling on her back.

*So, is it simply because the pad is dirty?

*Is my horse just getting that uphill?

*Or am I over shimmed?

I'm perplexed. Fortunately, I emailed LP about the problem, so I'll post what she says when she responds.

The FUN in this came in when I decided to eliminate the "dirty" option for the pad, and cleaned it. It was about 85 and humid today. Humidity (and sweat-ICK!) makes my grouchy, and I know from experience that a theraflex pad is best cleaned a tub of water. So, see these photos of what happened next. It's GREAT fun, and it does a surprisingly thorough job of cleaning it!

Feet are better than ANY scrub brush, and you get a good massage while doing it...Win-Win situation!

Do the twist!
Doin' the twist-that's the best motion to loosen all that stubborn dirt and hair.

That water has been changed 3 times, and it's still scuzzy.

And of course, finish with a rinse :)

Okay. Now. Fear and fluidity issues. Bear with me, this may be a bit scattered. I have come to the conclusion (temporary or not, hopefully the former) that I CANNOT ride Crest. Or actually no, let me rephrase that, I cannot ride Crest WELL. It is disgusting and sad for me to say, but I'm terrified of him. He's getting more and more LBE every day with a rider,(yay?) but has a tendency to get scared when I'm not fluid with his antics, which is a cataclysmic situation. See, Crest has HUGE bouncy gaits (particularly in trot), and likes to crow hop in the canter. I'm a very naturally balanced rider, and am fairly fluid too. I come from the hunter/jumper realm where the horses have big strides, so I'm used to that a bit too. But this is just...strange. I SOLIDLY refuse to ride Crest in a saddle until I'm somewhat fluid on him bareback. The reason I'm being so stubborn here, is because I don't want to use my stirrups as an excuse to not become a stronger, better rider. But the problem comes in when Crest breaks the trot. I have a really healthy respect for what this horse is capable of since my accident (shouldn't even THINK of that, but it did do some damage) and so when he gets going big, I get tense, whether I want to or not. Now riding in a bareback pad recently has helped IMMENSELY, but still...I KNOW Crest is not offering a nice easy trot for me either. I've seen it on the ground, and experienced it when he's in a good state of mind, and for some reason (probably due to my recent developing fear) I can't get it. So anyway. That's my fear issue. I'm hating it, today we went for a solid HOUR, were both dripping with sweat, and I was almost in tears because I was so mad at myself. I just need to learn to trust him again, and I just kept thinking "What would Linda Do? What would Farrah say?" and that made it worse, because I KNEW I was ACK... I know it's me, and of course that's a step in the right direction, but GAH! Mental development in it's finest. I WILL get this eventually!

Savvy out, wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

The fear thing is very annoying. It really can hold you back from doing things, but it can also be a good teacher. I kinda go through cycles with my fear.. sometimes I'm not bothered and don't really think about it and other times I can hardly canter and loose all of my focus and the progress that I had made. I can't say I have any advice for you, but you are right when you say it's mental development. This will make you a better rider in the end, and also help you relate and help other people that also have fear issues. Coincidentally I just wrote a blog entry a few days ago addressing this same subject.. you may have read it already, if you haven't, please do.. I can relate!