Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Wednesday, June 18, 2008



It is SO EFFING PERFECT! It is beautiful, very erm...wide, wonderful craftsmanship, smells delicious (YUMMY NEW LEATHER!), and best of all, my ponies LOVE IT!

Prin was UNBELIEVABLE in it, unquestionably better than she was when I rode in Linda's last year. She was light, easy to get collected, and best of all, we were both comfortable doing it!

Crest, well...lets just say any issues I'm having with him are caused by me. I could see the physical change in him on the ground as I played with him, his movement was more relaxed, round, etc, which is not typical for him undersaddle, he's usually pretty bracy and nervous. However, I still cannot ride his trot to save my life, so we've got some fluidity work to do I think. That'll come in time though, and now with the saddle, I've got the means to at least post the trot and do a Pushing Passenger if necessary.

I'm having a hell of a time shimming it though, because Prin's muscling has changed so much since last year. Last year I had a fairly dramatic downhill configuration going on, and this year, I take it Prin's gotten much more uphill, because I felt pitched forward using that pattern. 2 thick and a thin shim up front was a bit too much, saddle ended up sliding backwards and I had some major rough, dry spots, so I think tomorrow I'll try just two thick in the front, and it should be good.

So, completely and totally thrilled with it 100%. I'm having a blast, even with frustrating shim patterns!

Delivery...the UPS man was a little scared of the crazy lady and her camera...

Ripping open the box...My mom was like "Frances...LOOK UP!"

It is beautimous...could my smile get any bigger?

Joggin' on a loose rein...all smiles from both of us

Even cooler
Some more trotting, for those who know Prin, she's not usually the ROUND self-carrying type...and yet, check 'er out!!

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this thing. More pictures to come as I ride in it more and get a better feel for it!


savvydesign said...


You look so happy in those pictures! WooHoo! It looks great.. keep us updated on the shim pattern progress.

Yay for beautiful riding weather too!


coc_parelli said...

Yippee! Can't wait to see more pics. or Prin in it...before and afters! To see the change! WOW! How interesting, huh? I'll bet you are out riding....... :)

Savvy Out,


Emma Lee said...

AHHHHHHHHH i'm so jealous!!!! I want one!!!

Virginia said...

ah its marvelous! Prin looks great and happy and you are grinning in every picture! Have fun at the clinic this week, I'm sure you will learn something new and interesting. I can't wait to come out in....2-3 weeks? yikes! and will you let me at least SIT in the saddle? lol

Jen said...

Yay for you, Fran! But I'm SURE you've ridden once or twice since Wed the 18th, right? :) hint, hint!

We are living vicariously through you, at least in regards to the saddle! lol! We need something to quench our thirst for more fluidity pictures!!

Best, as always,