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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Again

Hey all!

Back to this blog now! I'll keep the other one around, because I may be doing another course this year (more details on that LATER, as the emerge), but for now, let's focus on what's going on back in Pepin.

I got home Yesterday around 1:00 pm, totally exhausted. I flew out of Orlando at 7:25 am (keep in mind, I'm an hour ahead of here, so it would be like 6:25 for me) so I'd been up since 4:30. But anyway, I got a good 10 hour night of sleep last night, and I'm pretty well back to normal. A couple more wouldn't hurt though.

Brown Coulee Farm (this is the official name of Richard's by the way) is literally very brown. The way I understand it, it's been above freezing for about 5 days now, and so everything has gone from snowy to muddy and soupy. My poor ponies, LB looked like a ball of mud yesterday. I didn't get a chance to play with anyone much, it was just too rainy and nasty, but I plan on heading up to play with what I anticipate to be a VERY wild Crest. I've missed him!

So anyway, that's all for now folks. And if you want, I've uploaded about 50 pics from the trip onto an album on my facebook. I may or may not put them on photobucket, I hate uploading photos. But if you want them and don't have facebook, shoot me an email, or leave a comment and I'll start putting them up slowly but surely.

Savvy on, ya'll!


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