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Monday, August 11, 2008

Broke much?


I made a really painful (BUT EXCITING!) withdrawal from my bank account today...The $350 needed for my savvy conference ticket! I can't believe it's actually happening! But, the painful thing is, the paying is killing my account, I've got literally $17 in my name at the moment, split between two accounts! Fortunately, I do have a lot of lessons, etc, scheduled for the week, and the boys go home on Friday, so that'll be another much needed $300, but still...I HATE being broke-lol

Other than that, didn't do too much of note today, it was really just very horsey. Tim came out and rode Buddy and played a little with Scoot (which went REALLY well), and then Micky and I rode Prin and Cricket down to Studebaker junction (A local trail down into the coulee, there's an old Studebaker pickup parked to rust down there) The spotty girls did wonderfully, including, *gasp* a nice long canter out of Cricket up the hill. She definitely enjoys being out, and a couple weeks of climbing that trail will get her all nice and muscled.

Also took Crest and Knighters out for a little hack-y thing. Crest, unfortunately, is out in his ribs again for whatever the reason (haven't ridden him since being home)but sitting on them to the side seemed to help quite a bit. Hopefully several rides and we'll have him straightened out.

Okay, time to go finish mowing the yard, ugh.

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Emma Lee said...

You know I feel you hun. :p btw, are we going to get a hotel for Kansas City soon?