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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dramatic, Emotional rollercoaster of a week...

Okay, I'm never leaving Pepin again(You'll never hear those words leave my mouth again)...bad things happen to my friends, I end up missing my horses, getting interrogated about my college plans and horses (in a slightly patronizing, non interested way) by family members, have fun and spend too much money with Virge (IOU $89.90, btw darlin') and I wind up having to do a lot of driving...not that I mind that part, it means I could stay with Emily a little longer than anticipated, but still 7 hours alone sucks.

Okay, so to summarize my week in a list:

*Arrived in West Virginia on Wednesday last week. We camped Wednesday-Sunday

*Left WVA on Sunday, check my voicemail, and I find several good ones (Friend got her saddle, two people want lessons) and then I get the tear jerker...Micky's horse Digger had suddenly passed away on August 1st...while we were both out of town on our summer family vacations...It's been a rough week on both of us, by the way, Prayers and thoughs are very welcome at this point.

*Sunday-Tuesday, visited Virge. We had a blast jumping and playing with ponies, driving to the Dover store and buying expensive things (Got my flyspray and half chaps, by the way, Linda) as well as ranting about how unnecessary some of the things some of her neighbors had were, and diving and swimming on overly sized inflatable alligators.

*Wednesday, driving...BLAH!

*Thursday, driving, then hung out with Emily all day, watched her teach and got to play with Ellie (WEEEEEE!!!) and Shelby (LOVE that mare :D)

*Friday, well...driving, I guess...I'm not there yet though. This'll be the longest road trip I've taken on my own, but I think I'll be fine, I know my way home like the back of my hand, it's just the long drive that I'm not looking forward to.

I miss my horses soo much. I've played with so many good ones this trip, I've had opportunities to do some great things, but I just MISS my ol' Prinny! Not to mention Crest, Cricket, the boys, Knight, and of course Burt, my trusty fluidity saddle (haha!!!)

So anyway, time for me to go to bed, I'm headed out of Bloomington early tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting home :)

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Emma Lee said...

i love shelby too. : ) i'm so glad i got to see you ride Ellie, it was SO helpful! buuuut i miss you already, please make farrah take you back to me soon. i miss my frannyboo.

<3 Emily

btw i don't remember falling sorry i was so tired.