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Friday, August 29, 2008



I my job. LOVE it. LOVE!

I had a lesson with a Ms. Anne Dyken today (she is the woman who made my Fluidity saddle a reality). She has owned her main horse, Blixen, for almost 3 years, and is quite timid around him. I've worked with her several times over the last four months. She's gained a lot of confidence, but is still too unconfident to ride this horse (she had a bad fall a while back, not on Blixen, but it still made her a little hesitant to ride anything, especially not her goofy Extroverted gelding).

Well, at the end of today's lesson with Blixen (they went over some basic ground stuff), she calmly asked me if I wanted her to do anything else. I answered what was she thinking of? She tried to look innocent and calmly said 'Well, I don't know, maybe you'd want me to throw my leg over a horse...'

She rode Blixen. Bareback. In a halter. OH MYLANTA! I was so proud, and we were both just's such an amazing thing, seeing people get this sort of confidence and success with their horses, and getting to be a part of it. I am so lucky to get to do this with my life! And you know what? No Savvy Team performance could EVER bring me such a feeling.

Here's some pictures:




Riding off...


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