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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life is GOOD!

Say that with an Aussie accent, and you've got a complete Linda-ism there.


I had a complete and total blasty blast with Mr. Buddy tonight! We rode for about an hour I think, I was with Micky and her cousin McKenzie, so I kinda lost track of the time giggling and such.

So anyway, Buddy was excellent. We played a lot with walk/trot/halt/back transitions, and man, Tim and I could not have been MORE WRONG when we made the assumption that he'd be difficult. He's brilliant! I can't really say much beyond that, he's just a COOL HORSE! He was sensitive and responsive, and obedient, and I'm just SO THRILLED with how he's coming along! I sure hope Scoot follows in his footsteps. After reviewing the article in the Savvy Times (Either February or May 08, can't remember) about cinchiness, I think I have a new lead towards Scoot's claustrophobia. Damn my brain and it's segues anyway! I'll keep posted on that.

In other news, I'm FINALLY catching up on emails that I've not been able to write since being away from my computer, and I had time to sit down and actually THINK about how cool this is:

I have a friend who lives in VA. We've known eachother forever, and recently (since December 2006) I've gotten her kinda interested in PNH. She's seen Pat and Linda twice now, and also has seen me play (and work my "magic"-har har) with a couple horses. Anyway, quite some time ago, she had mentioned that there were some people interested in having me come out and do some lessons/a clinic type of thing. I had always thought it sounded cool, but being that I was still in school, I never gave it any serious thought.

That is, until, I got an email from her on Wednesday. The offer is there, and it's looking like they'd fly me out (!!!!!) and then pay me some discussed amount. Obviously this is WAY in the planning stages, but HOLY CRAP. I'm SO FLATTERED! I can't wait to do this, and I'll keep you updated on the planning for SURE. I think we're looking at October maybe?

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Emma Lee said...

That's super cool, BUT you must first bring Farrah to Country View Stables for a clinic, I miss my prinnypoo!!!

<3 Emily