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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I believe they call it CONFIDENCE!

Haha, YES. Oh what a perfect, lovely, delightful day today!

Started out that school was cancelled, lord only knows why, it turned out to be just a GORGEOUS day. Woohoo! I spent all day at the barn, I played with Prinny first, then Crest. It was a good time.

Starting with Prin, I got her out and brushed her thoroughly, she's just one big ball of shedding fuzz, and I wanted to avoid as much fuzz-buttage as possible (like my word?). Princess thoroughly enjoyed that, of course. We then went out into the pasture with the 45' line, and after 5 minutes, I came to a slightly startling relization. When meteorologists say "Heavy snow may fall", they actually mean the weight of the snow, not how much! I could barely drag my line behind me because of the sticky, heavy snow that was on the rope. I decided that I would have to go to liberty, because simply put, my arms were getting sore. Prin was amazing, to put it bluntly. She did the L3 liberty tasks that I could remember off the top of my head FLAWLESSLY, and she offered some of the most perfect close range circling I've ever seen. Sherri commented that she had been watching out the window and got this "OMG, it's PERFECT feeling." watching, so YAY!
I hopped on and rode her bridless up to the barn, and got her bridle and a dressage whip. I haven't actually "done finesse" in weeks, so I decided, ah, what the hey.

Oh Princess, you're so wonderful. We didn't stay at it very long because she was so great, I got 4 flying changes off the half pass right away, and I just couldn't bring myself to ask for much more, that horse is getting SO DARN GOOD!

Moving on to Crest. I played with him later in the afternoon, and the snow had pretty much melted by then. I decided to experiment a little, and put the 45' line on him. Well, he was a bit right-brain, and I remembered something from some article I read that right-brain extroverts need consistancy, and lots of small circles. So, I reeled him in and circled him small until he relaxed, started to blow, and then I got a slightly more interesting horse. I got Mr. Cocky, who was a rarin' to go, and wanting to rough house. I set up some "thinksy" kind of obstacles, and set his little errant LBE mind to work. After about 20 minutes of energetic, thought-provoking play, Crest actually looked SOLIDLY ridable, so I hopped on.

Crest was as solid as he looked. He was energetic, but not out of control, playful, but not dangerous, and I felt really safe on his back. I dont' think I've ever said that, and been 100% sure of myself.

We started out doing some trot work, and I don't think I've EVER enjoyed trotting on him as much as I did today. I got kind of tense once as he jumped into this absolutely magnificent extended trot, (I say in my defense, it was REALLY BIG) and I couldnt' believe it, but I actually LAUGHED THE TENSION OUT. I was like "FRAN! He's SANE! Chill your butt OUT and let the boy trot!" We trotted around on a LOOSE REIN (That NEVER happens) and had a blast, and then, like magic, Crest offered this AMAZING, relaxed, round canter. I forgot that he even possessed the ability to move like that. I dropped the reins on his neck and let him canter a full circle, before I stopped him (I felt a crow hop coming and wanted to end on a GOOD note) got off and quit for the day. After I took his halter off, he turned and just put his head into my chest and held it there, like "Hug me mom", and I lost it. The floodgates opened and I just bawled. That is the FIRST time I've ever cried over a session with Crest, and it was SO satisfying.

Seeing the changes this horse has made SO FAST is just unbelievable to me. I owe the Parelli program, and particularly Linda more than I could ever express, and I'm eternally greatful for everything/everyone that has gotten me where I am.

I always carry on little conversations with my horses while I'm grooming, etc, and I remarked to Prin as I was getting Crest out (she was raiding my pockets) "Why can't I have the relationship with Crest that I have with you, huh? Why not? I really want it." Well, Crest must have heard me. We're on our way, and boy I'm loving the process and the changes!

Savvy out!


horsinaround said...

Your play session sounds AMAZING! What great progress you have made with Mr. Crest! Isn't this weather great! I am hoping to get some quality time in with Charmer this week. The round pen is finally thawed and will probably be dry soon..

Paul said...

I have absolutely no interest in keeping horses, (though I do find them to be beautiful animals, and would like to ride one someday)

but I have to say this blog entry really speaks to me--it's actually inspiring even though it has nothing to do with my own hobbies/career and even though I don't speak horse lingo---it's really genuine/honest, and I can relate. I don't mean to gush or sound weird, but I feel like we've all had days/moments like you had with your horse where everything goes right and you are "in the zone" I know I do with my art. Those days, where you really feel like you are living. Right now I feel like it almost doesn't matter what your profession the same things will lead you to success or failure. congratulations on your success! remember this day!