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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lately the Weather Has been SO BIPOLAR...

...And consequently so have I.

Good song by Relient K, by the way, I just wish I were sunny with a High of 75 at the moment, not looking out at bad weather, feeling like crap myself. I have no reason to be feeling like this other than the fact that I'm getting over the worst cold I've had in several years. But that's no matter, I'm GETTING OVER IT. I'm just feeling oddly down on myself, I think that it's probably a combination of being sick, and the fact that it's been gross out for two days straight, as well as being overly stressed, not seeing NEARLY enough of my horses, and dealing with negatively minded people. To quote Linda Parelli: "Fran, I'm still really not sure why you let other people twist your adrenal glands." and you know what Linda, you're absolutely right, I have no idea why either. Don't worry, be happy, I guess-haha Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

On a different note, I went up and checked in on my ponies today for the first time since the move on Wednesday, and everyone seemed happy. I can tell you right now that Crest is THRILLED to have his play buddy back, he and Biscuit were beating the CRAP out of eachother, romping in the mud as I got out of the truck. Oh my, they're silly...boys will be boys, especially when they're LBEs in need of entertainment! They're so much fun to watch, I want to take some photos sometime, they're just a hoot.

I briefly rode Prinny bareback and bridless, traversing the mud and schmuck back to the gate only though. She was so sweet, I did notice one thing behaviorally. I went to hope on her from the hay feeder with no Carrot Stick or anything, and she immediately pulled her head out of the bale, sidepassed up to me, and waited for instuction. She turned off focus, and hopped into a nice little canter over to the gate. My once "dullblood" LBI is so sensitive, and I LOVE IT!

Busy day tomorrow, got a couple of lessons, and work training, should be interesting, I'll report on the lessons tomorrow, I have a new student :)

Savvy Out!

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