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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Short n' Sweet

Just a quick entry tonight, for a quick and easy session.

Ranger and Crest were being jerks tonight, and decided that everyone needed to do a little running around and ignore me tonight. Good thing my LBI is a sucker for a good cookie. Prin saw me rummaging in my pockets and went "Okay guys, she's got the food, SEE YA!" and headed over to to say hi.

Prin followed me into the roundpen, and we just did a quick little liberty session. She was excellent on her circles. Being LBI, one of our biggest challenges has been maintaining gait for for any extended period of time. Tonight she did very well, cantered 5 laps without stopping in each direction, with a flying change of direction from right to left. Yay level 3 liberty!

I hopped on and rode her bridless up to the barn, put her bridle on, and we did some basic finesse stuff, nothing very fancy. Prin and I were both feeling kind of rough tonight (I'm overly-tired, I think she might be in heat), so I didn't ask for a whole lot. Got a little bit of vertical flexion and some minor lateral maneuvers (some half passes at the walk and trot), and a couple flying changes, and I quit on that note. I had no desire to push her buttons, and I could tell she was irritable.

So, nice short session. Time for bed now!

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