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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fat, Nervous, and squirrely

The descriptions of my three playmates it was interesting.

Starting out, and just going in order:


Ah yes...the fatty...PRINCESS. Princess and I had a nice little ride and play session this evening. We haltered up and went out to the yard outside the pasture where the trailer is parked, etc. Worked a little bit on loading into the small brown trailer, since we're hopefully going to be able to get to Holly's on Saturday morning for a playday. My poor horse is so large (Fat and Tall) that she doesn't really fit in there. She knows it, and it's got to be really uncomfortable, but it's all we've got until this summer anyway. She was a good sport and put herself in there twice, before backing out and giving me the look of "Seriously Fran...I DON'T FIT..." and I think I agreed with her for the most part, so then I just took her and went for a ride up to Mikaela's and back. She did well, we cantered all the way both ways, and dear lord my horse is out of shape-haha. But that's okay, we had a nice ride.


CRICKET! This mare is seriously the sweetest horse ever, but has some baggage that keeps her from being confident and curious like I know she is deep down. (The mischievous look she gets on her face when she's goofing around with Crest tells me all I need to know in that department-haha) I just haltered her up and took her out in the yard. Poor girl couldn't keep her eyes off the pasture from which she came, she was just REALLY worried. We played friendly for about 20 minutes and she settled down quite well eventually, then we worked on yields...and I found it...this mare DOES have a defiant streak! She DID NOT want to move her front end if she had anything to say about it. Polite and passive persistence anyone?


Oh Knighters, I do love you. It's been a long day, so I'm going to leave out most of the details of the session, but lets just say this, Knight has gone from shy and timid to being a very extroverted little twit this year. Not in a bad way at all, but I just have to adjust my position on handling it. We played with the 22' line, transitions, directional changes, and zone 3 driving. He's just got this "No, no, no, no, no, well, okay fine...BUZZ!" attitude (picture that said in a squirrely sort of voice) and its really fun to play with.

End blog, need sleep...NOW! More tomorrow.


Jen said...

Hey there...I left a message on your post below...I hope it encourages you.

I also wanted to leave this blog address...someone in Wisconsin might like to have another Parelli hand once in a while helping rescue horses. Take some time and read about their horse, Handsomer. :) It's a neat story.

Hugs always,


Fran said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks for both posts, they were wonderful and very necessary.

I read the blog from the link you left, and they're located like 30 minutes away from me in the same small town where one of my best PNH pals lives and has her horses and did I miss them I wonder? I should make note and contact them!

Thanks for everything!


Jen said...

Do get in touch with them. I think you'll find giving your time this way really comes back to you larger than you ever thought possible. What a way to feel full of purpose, and not only to build your resume, just to build your character!