Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Friday, May 30, 2008


I need to stop teasing myself. But seriously...look at her. Just LOOK AT HER!! I CANNOT WAIT!

I talked to the Parelli Collection today, they said they're getting truckloads of saddles in at a time, and as soon as my size and measure comes in, they'll assign it to me, send me a tracking number, and off we go. Sounds FANTASTIC to me! YAY! Can't wait.

Had a nice play day with Cresty this evening too. He was very mellow, and we had a good time. did some transitions on the 45' and rode a bit too...YEESH he's bouncy!


Renee said...

I <3 that video of Prin in the Fluidity, Fran. I've been experimenting like mad trying to make Royal more comfortable in my saddle, but 5 shim patterns later, sigh. I'm getting so desperate that my next trial is the hollow shim, and Royal is definately NOT hollow. But I'm running out of ideas.

Fran said...

Have you tried no shims?

That saddle is anything but downhill at the moment. It's a close contact saddle, and they're generally built more uphill than general purpose or dressage saddles.

Renee said...

The hollow seems to have helped a bit, but not much. I'll try the no shims next.

Sarah said...

Oh goodness, look at her move! She looks so smooth in her movements.