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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lotsa Lessons

Today was a very busy day, I'm super tired, but its that kind of tired that makes you feel SO GOOD about how busy you've been.

I was woken up about 3 hours prematurely to a phone call from a student, who couldn't make it to a lesson. Ugh, not that I was mad or anything, but for the love of Pete, call me at 8:00 and expect me to be ain't gonna happen-haha.

So, First thing I did was give a friend of mine, Lisa, a lesson. We got up there and the bugs were MISERABLE. I mean, I've NEVER hated gnats so much in my life. Sure, they're annoying little buggers, but yeesh, they were SWARMIN' today!

We pulled Amigo out to do the lesson, since Princess looked ornery. (She tends to get cranky with too many bugs and humidity) He did really well for her, and was just a wonderful guy. Pix to come as soon as my computer decides to stop telling me that my pictures can't upload due to an internal error.

Next we went to Dana's to give Cynde and Shashi a lesson. Shashi got ridden, and that was an adventure. He did SO WELL though, he's a smart little devil, and so good too. Cynde also had a big break thru with her confidence, and I really think they're going to go far. It's great to be told repeatedly "That was SO GREAT Fran!" after a lesson. I must be doin' something right.

Again, pictures to come when my computer decides they really aren't the Anti-christ.

Fun day overall, off to Mosinee tomorrow for week of lessons!

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