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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Officially a HORSE NUT!---Sappy and Remeniscent-haha

In one of the first videos I ever saw of Pat Parelli, he talked about some horse statistics that I never really thought about until today, a very significant day in my life.

Before I tell you the significance of today, I want to tell you these stats. 80% of new horse owners get out of horses within the first YEAR of ownership, for whatever the reason; be it money, confidence, time constraints, whatever. 80% of the 20% that's left get out of horses within the first FIVE years of ownership. According to Pat Parelli anyway, the 5% that are left are nuts.

Well, today marks the 5 year anniversary of my owning Princess. I got her Saturday, May 10th, 2003, the day before Mother's Day. How simply AMAZING it is to me that I've had her for that long. Truth be told, I don't remember much of my life without her. If you're not thrilled with "sappy" posts, I invite you to leave now, because I'm working hard not to start to gush about my horse-haha.

Princess has been the main reason I've been such a well behaved person in my life. In my Jr High and early high school years, I've had some questionable friends, in the sense that they'd be passed off as bad influences in my house. They may have turned out to be, had I not had that big spotty horse in my life, waiting for me every day after school to come play with her and ignore the temtations of the teen years. I'm 10 days off from graduating high school, and I look back and see nothing but a clean record. I've NEVER gone drinking, done drugs, or slept around. Not bad for a 17 yr old in a small town, if I do say so myself. Princess certainly came in time for the most crucial 5 years of my life.

We've had our ups and downs, but like Katie Drake says in her song "Meet in the Middle", We've gotta meet in the middle, and take it one step at a time, meet in the middle, I'll come your way, you come mine, meet in the middle, and thats when we'll finally see just how GOOD it can be. Princess and I have this chemistry and bond now that I never would have dreamed possible for me to have with a horse, even being a Parelli student. It's wonderful to experience.

So that's my sappy blog for the day. Love you Prinners, here's to many more happy years together eh?

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Emma Lee said...

hahah we both are horse nuts aparently! I got Shelby sometime in June 2001 - i'll have to look up that date : )

I love prinners and I can't wait to see her this summer!