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Monday, July 28, 2008

LBE Humor

Oh my...

Well I had my final session with my ponies before I leave for Maryland tomorrow morning, and man was THAT an adventure. I rode Crestor and Knightly, and both were full to the brim of LBE humor, hence my title.

Starting with Knight, I came out into the pasture with my pockets bulging with cookies...and the little demon knew it! He's usually an easy goin' little guy, mosies up, says hi, whatever...not this time! I must have had the "I have cookies" vibe going for me, because nosey little Knight pushed his way to the front, stuck his nose into the halter, then started nuzzling my pockets...SO cute!

We played a little on the ground, and then went for a little XC gallop up to Mickey's. He was fabulous, just went along with it like a trooper, he actually tried to chase a car at one point, cow-y little squirt!

Next I took out Crest, and Mickey took Cricket. Oh my GOODNESS did I have a good time with Cresty! It's been about a week since I've actually PLAYED with him (we've been doing a lot of riding, just not a whole lot of PLAY!) and we had a BLAST.

I snapped Cresty up to the 22' line (lacking a space big enough to do anything with the 45' at the moment, since the north paddock is off limits to grow back a bit), saddled him up in the fluidity saddle, and away we went. I started out with some circling (get the blood flowin') and he was PEPPY! It's so much fun to watch Mr. Athletic move under his accomodating saddle, he rounds up and powers with his hind end SO MUCH. Anyway, watching/playing with that was fun, but it also got me thinking (everyone repeat after me: "Oh NO! Not THAT!")

Several weeks ago, someone commented that when I played with Crest on the ground, they thought I sent him RBE when I matched his energy and got him up and playing. I won't disclose their name, but I was thinking about this tonight as we were playing, because you never know, sometimes people see things you don't. But honestly, as I played with Mr. Crest, his eyes NEVER left me. His play drive was up, he was doing cutting manuvers, arching his neck and doing close range circling around me and tossing his head, rearing and pawing, backing up, trotting to me, making quite the show of himself, and I'm sorry, but he wasn't the slightest bit RBE. And very rarely does he go there on the ground anymore. My good friend calls him "Mr. Brightside" for a reason! So I'm especially perplexed as to the origin of that analysis. Ah well.

So anyway, that aside, we had a blast. Just so much energy and stuff, FUN! I ENJOY being LBE with my boy. He's a hoot, and I'll miss playing with him on this trip back east.

Anyway, bedtime, we're up early and on the road, ugh. I'm going crazy already just thinking about it...but I will catch up on my sleep I suppose. See you all next week Thursday :)

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Jen said...

Glad to hear you had a fun time before you left. Just thought I'd let you know I'm back up on a new address:

In case you want to find me. :)