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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am positively BOUNCING as I write this post. (Number two for the day?)

A little back story here: My parents, but particularly my mom have always been VERY skeptical of my journey towards becoming a Parelli pro, and have never really supported me financially AT ALL.

So, the week before my 18th birthday, Farrah told me she was going down to FL this winter for a 4 week masterclass, and that if I wanted, I could ride down with her, since she had room in her trailer for a horse. The catch is, um...the $6000 I'd have to earn in the mean time to pay for the course. NOT an easy feat for me, being that I didn't have much notice ahead of time. I was determined to go, and told my parents this from the get-go. There were several nasty arguments about it the past few weeks, how PNH couldn't support me, etc.

And then, tonight. My mom just called for me to come into the kitchen about 5 minutes ago. I went in, and she's holding a Florida Course Application in her hand, and says "What dates do you want to go, and what's your Savvy Club number? If you're going to this thing, I'm paying for it tomorrow so you save $1000."

OH MY GOD. I am SHOCKED. THRILLED. AMAZED. I am going to FLORIDA FOR A COURSE. And my MOTHER is ARRANGING IT so that I save MONEY! Of course, I have to pay them back, but I don't care. All I know is that I'm GOING! I'm holding back tears and screaming!


S said...


Always In Training said...

Oh my god congratulations! You are so lucky.

Jen said...

I'm so so happy for you, Fran! I know it will be lots of hard work to pay them back soon...but you can do it. What a perfect opportunity to prove you'll be a good business person! It's kind of like a they're investing in your future career!! So cool. And this at a time when their retirement savings is probably not looking so good because of the markets. You're's a big deal for you guys' relationship and I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!

Renee said...

Yay Fran!!! That's so COOL!! You and Prinny are going Florida! Yay!!!!

Sarah said...

OMG, Fran, that's GREAT NEWS!!! It's so great that your mom has figured out what a great opportunity this is for you...:)

Bet ya can't wait till winter. Goodness, I am so excited. Any chance of me being able to come down with you two and being a personal photographer?? Heehee.

Virginia said...

holy crap fran, I love your mom!!! CALL ME as soon as possible and tell me all about it