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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh Goodness...Course Logistics...

So I'm very proud of myself. I've gotten myself into possibly the biggest financial cram of my life...moreso than a saddle that everyone thought I'd never get.

Farrah mentioned to me earlier this month that she has room in her trailer, and pending on some details that need ironing out (VERY managable details)that she's going down for a 4-week course in FL in January, and I'd be welcome to ride down with her to do the same course (4 week L3/L4 masterclass!!).

Okay. Stop. Time out. 4 week MASTERCLASS. Yes, the course, basically of my dreams. HOW CAN I TURN THAT OPPORTUNITY DOWN?!?! That's right. Simply put, I CANNOT!

Now, I am a good money saver. I really am. Saving for my Fluidity saddle especially taught me a lot of what I need to know, but I've been managing my finances for my horses since I was 12. Maybe not 100% effectively always, but I have a clue on how to manage money. And as such, I am beginning to realize how unlikely it is that I'll be able to afford such an opportunity. I've already given up on making the September special ($1275/week) so I'm looking at $1475/week, but getting my 4th week for free if I book before Dec. 31st. That includes horse care, food for me 5 days a week. I figure with gas down/pay to Farrah (I'd be staying with her) it'll be another $1000 or so, so I set my goal at saving $6000 or so. That's about $1500 a month I need to save. Um...EEK?!

I've got $210 in my savings account right now. I HAVE to make this work though! I WILL make this work. Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

I WILL MAKE THIS WORK! *Frantically saves money*


Katie Hufton said...

Sell lemonade like a madwoman!

I don't know.. Maybe a raffle of some sort?

Eeek. Good luck, Franny! You can do it!


Virginia said...

hehe good luck fran, thats a pretty big chunk, but maybe you can get some people to sponsor you. I had a whole summer of work and didnt make that much

Savvy Art Studio said...
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Savvy Art Studio said...

Hmm..I'm not having any bright ideas coming to me either.

If you set your mind to it it seems you have already, I'll bet you'll find a way! :)

Wow...that does sound like a perfect opportunity!!!

Savvy Out,

Katie Oostman said...

I like the sponsoring Idea, maybe try mowing lawns/cleaning yards. . . in return for money (that they know is going toward your education) and allow them to give you whatever they feel moved to give.
You can do it!
Try holding a parelli camp or something at you home!

Jeanne said...

Use the Law of Attraction! ANYTHING is possible! You simply state your intention--the WHAT part--and let it go, then act as if you are on your way. Let the Universe/God figure out HOW.

There was a clinic I wanted to attend once. I had the trailer ride and everything, but I wasn't working and my budget was too tight to afford the clinic fees. It was two months away. I told my Mom I was going to that clinic. She said, "how are you going to pay for it?" I said with complete conviction in that moment, "I don't know, but something will come along to make it happen!" Shortly thereafter, a friend from college I hadn't spoken to in months called out of the blue because her company had a huge project and needed outside help for a couple of weeks to get it done (I was a graphic designer then). Was I interested?

I said yes, and in two weeks' time, I wound up making TEN TIMES the clinic fees. Yes, I made it to the clinic. :-) So, you never know from where the money or other resources will come. All you do is declare it, then let it arrive.

I totally see you being there.

savvydesign said...

You could start selling Mary Kay.. just a thought.. lol!