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Saturday, September 13, 2008

FINALLY!!! check out the "New L2 Graduates" list.

It's a VERY long story, and I actually graduated L2 a LONG time ago (Lets try June 07) but thru a series of very bogus twists and turns, it never became official.

See, I was on the Savvy Team in Madison in June of 2007. I was not an L2 graduate officially, but when Pat was announcing/introducing the Savvy Team, he announced that I was one. Of course I was curious about this, so I asked him afterwards (at the end of the day) and he shrugged it off, and said "I've seen your videos, I saw you ride last're L2." and that was that. But unfortunately, that never went into the computer system, so I never got an awards pack, just Pat's word saying I was L2 (which is lovely, don't get me wrong, but kind of hard to explain)

So anyway, fast forward to Savvy Conference. Farrah has amazing powers of persuasion, and managed to talk me into approaching Linda about this whole thing, to get it official. That didn't get me anywhere really (other than a big ego boost, because Linda thinks I should go for green/black NOW) and so I left, still a bit uneasy. Interestingly enough, during lunch right after that conversation, I ran into one of my long-time instructors, Nita Jo Rush. After some discussion, Nita Jo and I came up with a plan, and what you see on her site is the product of her brilliance, and I owe her a lot. I will have a blue string in about 3-4 weeks...FINALLY :) So happy!


Jeanne said...

Congratulations!!! Blue string at last! =D

Emma Lee said...

Yay the first savvy sister to be level 2! go you!

Mariah Helms said...

Yay Fran! I want to be a savvy sister, I must not be 'good' enough or something. ;)



Jen said...

Hey, I see on your profile you like the movie "Music and Lyrics" TOO FUNNY. Steph and I get into that mood every once in a while and sing "POP goes my heart" around the house lol!!!

coc_parelli said...

Woot! It's official and at the Savvy Conference cool! :)Congrats girl! So true Emily...we need to get our butts in gear and start taping! lol Fran's leaving us in the dust with the's the Level 3 filming coming? Green string here you come! :)

Savvy Out,

Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie