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Monday, September 1, 2008

Words of Kindness Warm my Soul

Hi all,

One of my favorite things in doing what I love is being able to inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams, and to show what is POSSIBLE. It makes me feel WONDERFUL when I see results, new-found motivation, or even a spark in a new PNHer's eyes after seeing what my horse means to me, and how we interact.

My purpose in having this blog has been to share my journey in PNH, with my horses, with the hope that I could provide useful information as well as perhaps inspire and provide motivation to continue in the journey, and I'm beginning to realize just how much it's done.

I recieved a really wonderful, touching, and flattering email from someone tonight, and I just wanted to share a little bit about it. Katie, if you happen to read this, I am talking about you, and I thank you SO MUCH for your kind words :)


I kind of sort of but not really met you in Williamston, NC this year.
I went to Linda to ask her to sign my black visor and she asked you to go get her a metallic marker. Hahaha!
Close enough to meeting though, right? I honestly thought you were her niece or something for a little bit!
Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and I'm a huge fan of your journey. I LOVE PRINNY.
I swear I think I'm her biggest fan. The change in her posture and muscles since the Fluidity arrival pictures are insane.
Is that really all because of the Fluidity?!
If you make it to Jacksonville, I'll probably see you again. If my mom and I go we're riding down in the van with Mariah & co.
She gave me permission to follow you two around like a lost puppy dog once we get there. Lol.
I'm just in Level 1 as of now but I'm constantly on the lookout for new learning experiences!
Thanks again for blogging, you're such an inspiration!

I'm a very emotional person, and so, true to Fran fashion, I've been here blubbering like a baby ever since. I am so flattered! Words can't express how much an email of this nature means to me! Positive people make it that much easier for me to keep my head and spirits up, and helps me to stay motivated in playing towards my goal. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for your support!

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Katie Hufton said...

Awh, Fran!

I'm so glad my words had that effect on you.

You're welcome and thanks again.

Just continue to do what you do and don't forget the pictures! ;)