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Friday, July 25, 2008

Bridle Wisdom and Problem Solving

Round two...DING!

In the heat of my frustration, I ripped out my November Savvy Times to have a go at Bridle Wisdom before I totally gave up on my bridle. And of course, being an article written by LP, I find every single answer I need, before I get a chance to say "yeah...but" and come up with an excuse to email her! YAY!

Notes and Things for tomorrow:

*NEEDS to be on the Small rings for collection! I did not know this! I figured it would be *better*, but I've seen Linda and Remmer do it on the big rings, and figured it's something one should be able to do.

*Transitions, galore--encourages horse to elevate with the bridle on the small rings.

*Overbending--try a curb strap perhaps? Suggests that it helps "elevate" horses that come behind the bit, (tendency in horses that aren't forward moving...PRIN!)

*Non-Elastic chin strap. Put on loose and allow Prin to get used to feel. Head tossing etc is "normal". To quote the article, " first the horse may show concern when he feels the noseband restrict him and throw his head around or even run backwards. One needs to remain calm and allow the horse to do it, as after several repetitions he will stop, having realized what happens before what happens happens."

*Zone 1 is key in LB dominant horses, so solid chin strap will help. DUH!!!

I feel renewed...Thanks Linda!


Jen said...

Hooray, Fran! Good job. I knew it would come to you.


Jen said...

Hey...and if I understand right, the small rings give leverage like a shanked bit, hence the "power steering"...more pressure per pound of force. I don't know the ratio, but instead of 1:1 pressure like standard snaffle and on the big rings, the small rings activate the palate pressure even more and act as a mild curb bit. I believe this is can go to Myler bits and see what it says about the combination bit there. That is what this is( I'm sure you knew that, but for the benefit of our other readers).

Sorry to post again... I promise I'm done.

Virginia said...

that last quote was sort of weird! idk I wouldn't really expect that from the parellis. But I can see where a horse would have to get used to that. I think you will figure out your cradle troubles, it is kind of difficult because there is this sort of magic about it, but then when it doesn't always work out, us humans go ARRGG. lol.