Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Trail riding and Fluid Reins

Had one very long, busy horsey day today. Got up to the farm around 2 O'clock with every intention of reading for most of the afternoon (BLOODY HOT! DANG!!)and then riding in the evening. Well, I got out there, and Cricket, my poor poor Cricket, was solidly REFUSING to use her lame leg. So, slowly and carefully, I put her, Princess, and Knight in the north paddock, and let them graze, and then called Virge, who, thank GOODNESS is home now. From what I described, Virge said it sounded like Cricket might have a deep absess in her foot. So, this afternoon involved lots of running around looking for epsom salt and hot water to soak feet in. Hopefully she gets better after this treatment.

But now for something completely different, related to the headline of this blog. I rode Cresty tonight on a trail ride. This new saddle has given me OODLES of new reasons to ride him, and I'm not regretting a second of it! The past few rides I've put a bridle and confidence snaffle on him so we can start actually erm, PROGRESSING into our riding. And I'm finding, go figure, that part of our riding issue is caused by Crest's complete and total BOREDOM with what we've been doing. He gets out on trail and he's completely different...he goes "OOH! This is INTERESTING! New places! New things! SPOOKY MAIL BOXES! New sights!" Once he settles into a rhythm though, I've found that I'm able to start some fluid rein concept, and that he GETS IT. Gets it so well, in fact, that I had Mikaela hop on and ride him tonight...she rode him about 3/4 of the distance home, and she did fluid rein, as well as some sideways and back, and she DID NOT stop marvelling about how well he's doing once. And this is coming from MICKEY...Who isn't the most confident rider on an energetic horse. So YAY!

Pix and updates to come soon! Sorry, I'm bad, but hey, I'm BUSY!


Leslie said...

Hi Fran! Just in case Sarah never mentioned it...we use a clay poultice on our quarterhorse's hoof when he has trouble. We smear the clay on the hoof, put a clear plastic gallon size bag over, then put the hoof/poultice/bag in a bell boot. The clay is supposed to draw the abcess out. Have you ever heard of this method? Sarah might be able to fill you in on the details. See you in Madison this weekend....Leslie

Fran said...

Thanks Leslie, see you there! I'll have to get the details and try that for sure!


Mariah Helms said...

Sounds like me! TOO BAD i'm busy.
Go Cresters! When are you ordering your new snazzy CB? I love mine, I drool everytime I see it.