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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Cradle Bridle-Pt 1 of ??


So my Cradle bridle arrived today. It's beautiful, the leather is actually much lighter a brown than I have seen previously, and it looks VERY nice against Prin's chestnut hair.

As far as settings go, I'm pleased with the fit. Prin's on the Middle hole of 5, and it fits perfectly there. So glad I got a a Large and not an XLarge headstall. The 5" C3 bit is great too, so all is right with the world. I had to experiment with chin straps and bit rings though, and here's what I noticed:

*Prin is NOT unusually light on the big rings

*Prin does her best finesse on the small rings

*Prin's mouth is quieter overall

*Prin's mouth is QUIETEST and LIGHTEST on the small rings, with the non-stretchy chinstrap. Must have done more finesse than I give myself credit for...

*Riding on the big rings is "typical" Prin, that I've had since November

*Riding small rings is like having power steering. UNBELIEVABLE

*Prin finds the "engaging your HQ" concept easier with the cradle? Odd because that has nothing to do with her head. Maybe its that I'm not having to ask for the bend as much? I really don't know.

*Prin does not drop her shoulder and lean into turns with the bridle on

As much as I know you all will hate me for this, I forgot my camera in all my excited rush. I WILL take photos of Prin in it tomorrow though, since its SO GREAT and how soft and willing she is in it. She actually seems to LIKE IT a lot!

Oh and a side note...I need to reshim...again...YARGGHHHH!!!!

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coc_parelli said...

YEAH! It came! Congrats!

Yes..definitely looking forward to pics! :) I'll bet Prin looks pretty spiffy in the new cradle and saddle! :) One lucky girl!