Photo by Margaret Chant and edited by Jessica Metropulos

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ugh Humidity

It has got to be 100% humidity out there. Seriously. I spent 2 hours giving a lesson this morning, we came back, and both my poor horses were just DRIPPING with sweat, and we hardly even DID ANYTHING PHYSICAL! That was okay though, because we gave them the water bucket treatment (Oh BOY did they like that!) and then we giggled as they rolled,and then Crest decided it was too much work to get up, and just laid there looking dumb.

Soaked Cricket's foot in the evening, she seems a little better, but of course still lame. Played around with Prin for about 40 minutes, I let Dawnelle (Cricket's previous owner) and Richard both toodle around in my fluidity saddle, which I think I'd better lock up, for all the people who want it. The quote of the evening belonged to Dawnelle, with regard to riding in the fluidity: "Who needs FURNITURE when you can have a SADDLE like THIS?!" A very good question indeed!

G'night, hopefully won't be as so stinky humid tomorrow.

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